A Medium blog chronicling the xenophobia and anti-Asian racism that plagues America.

A message from Medium’s #StopAsianHate blog editors: It’s been an honor and joy to uplift your voices.

Two months ago, as violence against Asians continued to escalate, we launched the #StopAsianHate blog as a space for us to reflect, share our experiences, and advocate for change.

We invited you to share your stories, and you did. You inspired us with heartfelt, poignant memories about your childhood and…

How Grace Lee Boggs inspires me to ‘reimagine everything’

Photo: Haley Blavka

“The time has come for us to reimagine everything… It’s up to us to reimagine the alternatives and not just protest against them and expect them to do better.”

— Grace Lee Boggs

I first learned about Grace Lee Boggs as a junior in college. I was attending Seattle University…

I wrote ‘The Many Meanings of Meilan’ to explore the feeling of otherness when someone renames you without your consent

Image courtesy of Kokila, an imprint of Penguin Young Readers

Confession: I have never liked my Chinese name. My father transliterated it from the Chinese 郁如 to Yu-Ju. But whenever anyone tries to say it, they always pronounce it “yoo-joo.” In actuality, it is pronounced closer to “yü-roo” (yù rú in Hanyu Pinyin), which also trips up people.

For most…

What is it like to be Asian American when you’re invisible within it?

Illustrations courtesy of the author

I am a huge disappointment to my parents. There, I said it. But it’s not because I didn’t become a lawyer or a doctor, an accountant, a pharmacist, nurse — heck, not even a dental assistant — after university. And it’s not because I’ve dyed my hair every neon shade…

During the pandemic, people had to make decisions about who was worth risking spending time with. We rarely made the cut.

Photo: Getty Images

The day I realized we need to move out of our San Diego home, I ordered four new pieces of furniture. Not little decorative stools or night stands that you can stack on top of boxes, but four solid wood cabinets that would require two or three movers to carry…

Can a person look more, or less, Chinese? Apparently I can.

Mott Street in Chinatown, New York City, circa 1950. Photo: Harvey Meston/Archive Photos/Getty Images.

“You look so Chinese!”

Has anyone ever said that to you?

My mother occasionally said it to me, and the odd thing is, both she and my father were Chinese. So there’s nothing surprising about the fact that I look Chinese. But what about “so” Chinese? Can a person look…

How did bias affect the coverage of Andrew Yang’s campaign?

Photo illustration by the author

Anyone who wasn’t paying attention to New York City’s mayoral primary these past few months was missing the highest drama available at that moment in American politics. It had everything — scandal, intrigue — you name it. I related this to a friend of mine, who responded that a lot…

On this 4th of July, a reflection on losing the hyphen in my Asian American identity

Image: Free-Photos/Pixabay

It was the most underreported controversy that rocked the world of grammar in generations. In 2019, the Associated Press announced that hyphens will be dropped from identities of dual heritage. The hyphens that existed between “Asian” and “American” in the term Asian American were suddenly removed.

Hyphens, derived from ancient…

As people of color, the idea leaked into our lives even though we aren’t privy to the same advantages of being white

Photo: Alexandra Ribeiro/EyeEm/Getty Images

I’m mad at imposter syndrome for stealing time, energy, confidence, and a sense of self-efficacy from people of color. We don’t have time for that. We don’t need to make time for that.

Recently I’ve seen a number of social media posts by friends of color and acquaintances of color…


A Medium blog chronicling the xenophobia and anti-Asian racism that plagues America.

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