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Dreaming Beyond #StopAsianHate

How Grace Lee Boggs inspires me to ‘reimagine everything’

Photo: Haley Blavka

“The time has come for us to reimagine everything… It’s up to us to reimagine the alternatives and not just protest against them and expect them to do better.”

— Grace Lee Boggs

I first learned about Grace Lee Boggs as a junior in college. I was attending Seattle…




#StopAsianHate is a blog from Medium chronicling the xenophobia and anti-Asian racism that plagues America. With essays from the AAPI community and beyond, it’s a space for readers and thinkers to explore the joys, challenges, and complexities of the Asian American experience.

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hollis wong-wear

Poet, songwriter, lead singer in The Flavr Blue, concerned citizen. holliswongwear.com

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