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A Medium blog chronicling the xenophobia and anti-Asian racism that plagues America.


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We need to stop fighting each other

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You must’ve read about hate crimes against Asians — from the Atlanta killing of six Asian women to the Covid-19 hate crimes against Asian Americans. Stop AAPI Hate reported an increase in anti-Asian violence since the coronavirus pandemic began. But today, let’s talk about a different side of Asian hate — the one that Asians spew toward each other.

Spoiler: They were wrong

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“Do you consider yourself British?”

The pandemic has led to a sharp rise in anti-Asian racism in Canada, but it’s not a new issue

Protestors rally against anti-Asian racism. A sign is held up that reads “Stop Asian Hate.”
Protestors rally against anti-Asian racism. A sign is held up that reads “Stop Asian Hate.”
Photo: Jason Leung/Unsplash

Sometimes my mother comes home exasperated from running errands — not because of long lines at the store or the stress of trying to shop safely during the Covid-19 pandemic but rather from the experience of being harassed as an Asian woman. She’ll mask her frustration as she unloads her shopping bags and tells a story of being pestered by yet another stranger who mocked her in a pseudo-Mandarin language and demanded to know if she’s Chinese. The most recent antagonist was a non-Asian man who followed her around Costco. …

And I’m not a fan

This is a top photo for astrology on Unsplash. So much cringe. Photo by Tania Medina on Unsplash

I don’t like astrology. There, I said it. You can accuse me of being intolerant or ignorant, but you’d be wrong. Unlike most Americans, I actually grew up immersed in the culture. And I’m a woman, a strong feminist, and a frequent writer on gender politics. So don’t say I’m sexist.

I remember the day I became a social pariah, too different for even my own dad to care.

THE BANKS FAMILY, South Korea, circa 1968: I’m covering my hand in this family portrait, because I accidentally cut my finger with a bobby pin, cried, and got slapped by my parents for embarrassing them in front of the professional photographer. I had to learn to control my emotions early on in life, for other people. Or else. Perfect co-dependent grooming. Photo courtesy of the author.

I always knew I was different. In school, all the kids came in Black and white, with beautiful full foreheads, pronounced bridges, and big lidded eyes. On TV and in the movies, too.

Lily Qian for #StopAsianHate @Medium

When six Asian women were killed in Atlanta in March, the writer Jane Park felt an ache of concern that was all too familiar

Dear Mom,

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Actively anti-racist explorations of culture, history, and kin

An updated report from Stop AAPI Hate states that over 6,600 incidents of hate and discrimination targeting Asian Americans across the U.S. were documented since last March. That’s nearly double the previously reported number of 3,800 incidents. The nation is speaking up. We must speak up, too.

Vishavjit Singh for #StopAsianHate @Medium

Wracked with pain about being othered, I dressed up like Captain America. Here’s what happened.

My turban and beard have always made me a target of anxiety, stereotyping, or outright racism. Post-9/11, the hate has been taken to a whole new level. Sikhs have been killed, attacked, and verbally abused in a never-ending American saga. We might not ever know what was in the mind of 19-year-old Brandon Hole, who shot and killed eight people including four Sikhs at a FedEx warehouse in Indianapolis on April 16. But it hurts to keep seeing Americans who look like me paying the price for looking different, for standing out.


A Medium blog chronicling the xenophobia and anti-Asian racism that plagues America.

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