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The ‘Black-Asian Conflict’ Is a Problematic Trope — and It’s Time to End It

Efforts to direct Asian American anger at the Black community are rooted in White establishment anxiety

There’s a familiar sequence on social media every time a new incident of anti-Asian violence occurs. A viral video is shared on our timelines. We don’t want to…




#StopAsianHate is a blog from Medium chronicling the xenophobia and anti-Asian racism that plagues America. With essays from the AAPI community and beyond, it’s a space for readers and thinkers to explore the joys, challenges, and complexities of the Asian American experience.

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Jeff Yang

columnist, @CNNOpinion (https://www.cnn.com/profiles/jeff-yang) & Inkstone (https://www.inkstonenews.com/author/jeff-yang); cohost, @TheyCallUsBruce podcast

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