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Illustration by Save As / Medium; Source: Getty Images

The Term ‘Asian American’ Has an Impossible Duty

In a moment of pain, the descriptor has become a galvanizing force. But what happens when you lump together a group of people whose lives differ so vastly?

I’m not Asian American. I’m a German citizen, born to Vietnamese immigrants. You could say I’m an Asian in America, though…




#StopAsianHate is a blog from Medium chronicling the xenophobia and anti-Asian racism that plagues America. With essays from the AAPI community and beyond, it’s a space for readers and thinkers to explore the joys, challenges, and complexities of the Asian American experience.

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Lam Thuy Vo

Lam Thuy Vo

Journalist. German-born Vietnamese nomad who tells stories using data, visuals & words info@lamivo.com

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